The two faced main

After months of bad luck, mistakes and other strangeness the new main sail from Island Planet Sails is on the boat and working well. The whole experience was an interesting one. Some of the problems were mine, most were not. In the end I have a sail I’m satisfied with. Now we shall see how it holds up and performs. I will continue to leverage the huge savings I got by investing in other things needed on the boat and to offset my current travel expenses. That was the plan from the beginning and now I can finally put it to the test. The main is built using older tech called Structural Tape. An early version of the Tape Drive most people have heard of. I opted to go with an additional singled sided poly material on one side which makes the sail look different from port to starboard. While odd to look at it will increase its life span by quite a bit over a mylar only sail. The boat now prefers to be photographed from the starboard side!