BRBR Review and Vashon Island Decisions

Well the BRBR was fun but not without its challenges for team Kinetics. We finished well back after being knocked on our ear most of the race. I got us off to a horrible start. Something we can fix with a bit more experience and by getting out to the course a bit sooner. We were over powered for most of the beat to the rock and it slowed us down I think and then not getting the kite up after the turn sealed our fate. It went up with a twist and then things just got worse. We need more time on the boat for everyone to feel confident with the equipment and the process. We’ll get there.

Vashon Island is next up on May 11th. We still need to decide if we want to do the short course from Shilshole to north end of Blake Island (47.560N 122.500W) or the slightly longer race down to Point Robinson (47.400N 122.383W). This is all dependent on getting the new main back in time and sorting out the other issues on the list from the BRBR. I think we should try to do the Thursday night Elliot Bay fun race if possible as we need the practice.