Round The County 2019

This is #5 for Kinetics. Not our best result. In fact, it might be the lowest overall result for us despite making almost no mistakes. The winds were very light both days and that’s not good for the Nordic 44. We pushed hard all day. On Sunday we made so many sail changes we lost count. We exchanged places with Sir Issac a few times and thought we might finally finish ahead but they slipped past on the final beat home to the finish into Lydia Shoal. Those with a longer history might have a different perspective but for me the winds have continued to be lighter every year with more and more shutdowns along the course. This plays well for the lighter boats that accelerate more quickly from a dead stop and carry feather light kites.

Still, when it’s not pouring down rain, the scenery is great. The stop over in Roche where we rent a nice house, cook great food, sit around the fireplace, and relax, also makes for great memories.

Photo by Jan’s Marine – janpix