Crew opps

UPDATE: Sorry to say the email settings for the site were messed up and many who might have tried to get in contact may not have been able to. I’ve added a contact page so people can email about any interest in crew opps. It should also solve the spam problems.

We are looking to introduce new members to our group of regular crew. The Kinetics crew has been evolving over the past few years and is going through a transition. The focus continues to be on distance racing where the boat is most suitable. Kinetics provides a strong, reliable, even comfortable way to enjoy the sport (we have heat and two heads!). We take the racing seriously while keeping the real goal for being out on the water in mind. Enjoying the experience is a key part of that and team harmony is very important.

If you are new or experienced and are looking for serious but fun sailing team that will be racing in most of the key races of every year register here and post a comment or ping the admin for details on what the plans are for the coming couple of years.