Cruising with love

This past summer I had the pleasure of spending two weeks sharing the PNW cruising grounds with someone very special. It was a truly memorable experience for both of us. Despite it being about the wettest two weeks in September we made the most of our time in both the San Juan Islands and the Southern Gulf Islands. We sat out the rainy, windy days, at anchor reading, cooking, or playing cribbage. I should say, me getting tromped at cribbage but having fun all the same. We visited a few of my favorite places and some new ones where we found many places uncrowded. With it being past the start of most school sessions, and Fall on its way, the crowds were definitely thinned. Next year maybe we’ll get a bit further out to see some new territory; Desolation Sound or maybe Barkley Sound. Here are a few pictures.

Reid Harbor, Stuart Island
James Bay, Prevost Island
Ganges, Salt Spring Island