Kinetics participates in several events from March through November. We currently are recruiting new crew. Our goal is to always have a nice mix of people on the boat and this means men and women of varying ages and skills. As a larger boat there are some roles on the boat that require significant upper body strength. However, there are other roles where agility, knowledge and experience are what is needed. Kinetics rates a 93 PHRF and in most conditions will sail to this rating. The boat is best suited to long course, point to point events. We don't participate in weeknight windward/leeward series. The boat is well maintained, has a growing set of racing sails and provides a level of comfort not found on some smaller, hard core race boats. The comfort comes in trade for some performance. We make up for that in amenities like a proper head, galley, huge fridge, heat and less time on the rail!

As a group we strive to do well, learn something new every time we go out, have a good time and come back feeling like we did our best. If you have the right attitude, some aptitude and the interest you will be given the chance to try any role on this boat. We can all learn something from everyone that steps aboard. Owner is a member of CYC and STYC.